the confession

“I have a confession to make.”

Sweat trickled down his forehead and anxiety clouded his eyes; “I am not a murderer,” he announced with a grave expression.

She gasped at the television and buttery popcorn flew out of the red bowl as she shuddered at his confession. Anna had decided to spend a lazy Sunday in the comfort of her own apartment. She had woken up late in the afternoon. After lazily getting ready and having a messily made ham and cheese sandwich as brunch, she settled down on her cozy couch with a bowl of her favorite warm salty popcorn.

Anna was a young, bright and pretty nineteen year old who had shifted from a little quaint town to a loud concrete popular city, driven by her dreams and aspirations. Being a strong-willed girl, she had surprisingly adapted to the new changes along with fear and uncertainty that accompanied with moving to an unknown place. With luck on her side, fate led her to two interesting and possibly the best friends she could ever have. An impeccable bond had formed between Anna and her two friends when they had started sharing an apartment. With Madison away on a family holiday and Rachel on an educational trip, Anna had been left alone with her solitude in the apartment.

With the love for adventure in her heart, she loved watching thriller and horror movies. And so, on that lazy Sunday afternoon, as the raindrops pattered down the window sill and the grey skies roared with thunder, Anna’s apartment was filled with a delicious aroma of freshly cooked popcorn. After surfing through several channels on the television, she had stumbled across a really interesting movie that she had never heard of before. The mystery thriller attracted her and she was so engrossed in the movie that she didn’t realize two hours passing by and the darkening of the sky. As the climax of the movie approached, she grew more and more excited and her nerves knotted up in anticipation of the end of the captivating movie. The main actor of the movie was a big frightening man who uttered his confession in the courtroom, which was the ultimate plot twist of the story.

Just when he finished confessing, the power supply of the apartment got cut off. Anna’s heart started thudding and the only source of light was the frequent lightening that struck outside the window. Fear engulfed her in the silent pitch dark apartment. The silence around her was broken as the sound of the doorbell resonated loudly. She jumped out her skin, shuddering visibly, as goosebumps coated her body. With shaking legs, she slowly approached the door. Her trembling fingers somehow managed to grasp the handle and turn it around to reveal something she certainly had not expected. She could hear the violent thudding of her heart as she gasped audibly, shock written all over her face. There, on her doorstep, stood the same man she saw on her television screen only a few minutes ago. The menacing man stood there, with a grim expression on his face, “I am not a murderer.”

And that’s when, all the color drained from Anna’s face, dark spots started tinting her vision as she felt the stab of a knife.

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