out of place

Today was quite a day. Everything has been so new lately. And I have been adjusting gradually to almost all the different things around me. Exploring new avenues, going for fancy (to be honest over-hyped) interviews, and experiencing new things, has been good, to say the least. Although, the best thing that has happened is, luckily, I’ve met interesting people and have befriended those who seem pretty relatable.

Today, particularly, was a good day. I woke up, fretting about another fancy interview that I was supposed to give and rushed out of the house, hurriedly packing and checking my bag for everything. It was cloudy day, although very humid, and the formal shirt that I was obliged to wear did nothing but make the situation worse. I managed to reach on time, still anxious about the interview. Luckily for me, it didn’t go as bad as I thought it would. During break, roaming on the streets of a nearby popular noisy market was really amazing, ignoring my formal shirt now stained with discomfort and humidity. My friend’s PG was located in the typical narrow streets of one of Delhi’s most popular markets. Small and cozy and just perfect. It was a colorful walk, various stalls lined up on both of the sides, some blasting music, some just generally noisy; just one big vibrant Indian market.

The classes were as breezy as the monsoon winds. Staring out of the window, looking at the branches with leaves, jutting out into the now grey sky, just made me want to pack my bags and leave the next day to go somewhere in the mountains. I simply love trekking in those dreamy areas of snow capped peaks and pine trees and white fluffs of clouds. It’s been a long time, since I last experienced that and its such a shame. I feel restless whenever I think of it, and I really hope the decision that I made with a friend recently, goes as planned.

The way back home was wonderful. The dark clouds had started to pour down, and I reveled in the smell of it. My friend and I, had to wait in this long line at the station and we had only one umbrella with us which simply refused to open properly. With desperate tries, my friend finally was successful and huddling together, under the umbrella, fumbling to protect ourselves and our bags, our feet completely soaked by the rain, we grinned at each other. The smell of the momos wafted through the air, and the sound of the rain was just wonderful.

The whole day ended with a video call from my family. I felt warm all over at sight of my family looming over the camera, trying to get the lighting right and everything; they are adorable. I am so grateful for them.

It was a indeed quite a day. I have finally started feeling not so out of place anymore.

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