writer’s block

After going through a long (totally uncalled for) writer’s block, I’m back again with another monologue. I don’t even know what to write anymore. With the sudden changes in the whole world, do we even know what to feel anymore? I had come back home for my father’s birthday but I simply had no idea […]

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Guilt is a strong emotion. And when it is backed by the conscience, you end up with a horrific feeling. The intensity of it just can’t be described. The feeling of nausea, the bile rising up your throat, the skin coated with goosebumps and chills running down your spine. It is terrifying. You feel like […]

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I was very young, I don’t even remember how old, when I got diagnosed with vitiligo. It is basically a condition wherein there is a deficiency of the color pigment of the skin (melanin) in some areas of the body resulting in white blotches. It obviously is visually absurd. At a young age, almost a […]

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They leave you with an inexplicable feeling. It is quite difficult to put in words actually. But they always leave a profound impact, don’t they? The first and the foremost feeling you’d associate with goodbyes is sadness. But is it only sadness? I believe it leaves an entirely different, more complex feeling than just sadness. […]

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the confession

“I have a confession to make.” Sweat trickled down his forehead and anxiety clouded his eyes; “I am not a murderer,” he announced with a grave expression. She gasped at the television and buttery popcorn flew out of the red bowl as she shuddered at his confession. Anna had decided to spend a lazy Sunday […]

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