There were moments in my life which were truly remarkable and I always wanted to make sure I remember them forever.

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i don’t want journeys to end

It's very commonly said that what matters is the journey and not the destination. And I don't even know where to begin to explain how much I agree with this somewhat cliché statement. Be it short car rides in the city or long bus journeys in the mountains, I never want them to end. I... Continue Reading →

no longer addicted to social media

The constant urge to check my phone every minute? Yes, that was addiction. A serious addiction that had slowly chipped away at my creativity, self-control and attention span. I had always known about my "more than normal" usage of social media, specifically Instagram, but I had not given it much thought. The pandemic had really... Continue Reading →

pov of a paranoid in the pandemic

Do you want to feel like a murderer? I certainly don't. We are currently living in a pandemic. An actual pandemic. The kind of pandemic that we've only read about in history textbooks. It is an extremely contagious virus with no antidote. It is only treated on a symptomatic basis; the virus itself cannot really... Continue Reading →


Have you felt consumed by bitter emotions? It's nauseating. You can either suppress what you feel through various distractions and try forgetting about it. Or you can confront the source of those emotions and try to resolve it. It's always easier to just try forgetting about them. Today, the number of distractions have increased immensely... Continue Reading →

love-hate relationship

I really dislike keeping expectations from people; it, more or less, always ends in disappointment. I'm just so nauseous, annoyed and disappointed. I never tend to express myself overtly but I feel so strongly and I hate it. I despise how strong feelings can be. I don't want to feel at times. I just wish... Continue Reading →

doctors and surgeries

The entire day was spent getting X-rayed, contacting other specialists/dentists in the family, buying medicines and, last but not the least, panicking. I also talked to a lot of my friends, asking everyone if they had...

writer’s block

With the sudden changes in the whole world, do we even know what to feel anymore? I had come back home for my father's birthday but I simply had no idea my short 5 day break would turn into a long 5 month vacation.


Guilt is a strong emotion. And when it is backed by the conscience, you end up with a horrific feeling. The intensity of it just can't be described. The feeling of nausea...


I was very young, I don't even remember how old, when I got diagnosed with vitiligo. It is basically a condition wherein there is a deficiency of the color pigment of the skin (melanin) in some areas of the body...


They leave you with an inexplicable feeling. It is quite difficult to put in words actually. But they always leave a profound impact, don't they?

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