Death. What is death? Or more interestingly, what happens after it? Is there an afterlife?

One of the ultimate unsolved mysteries of the world, death has always seemed intriguing. ‘Many Lives, Many Masters’ by Dr. Brian Weiss has undoubtedly changed my perception towards the cycle of life. Dr. Weiss was an American psychiatrist with a scientific approach towards all his therapies and a complete skeptic when it came to the concepts of reincarnation. However, his outlook towards everything in general, completely changed, when a patient called Catherine walked into his clinic one day. She was a young woman who was suffering from several phobias and they had started to affect her life to such an extent that she had no choice but to consult a psychiatrist. Initially, Dr. Weiss tried all the pragmatic scientific therapies but none of them turned out to be successful. Eventually, the doctor decided to try hypnotherapy on Catherine which resulted in astonishing life-changing discoveries for both of them. Under hypnosis, in a trance like state, she is said to have remembered memories from her past lives. The doctor, being a skeptic, was bewildered by all the sessions that took place thereafter. He realized that the source of all her phobias lay in certain experiences from her past lives and as she became aware of those experiences, her phobias seemed to evanesce. He found out that his patient was recuperating faster than ever and she spiritually felt at peace. Dr. Weiss also writes about having communicated with the ‘Master Spirits’, that are evolved superior non-physical souls, and about the messages received from them regarding the purpose and cycle of life.

Just before coming across this book, my grandmother passed away. Apart from grief, I had simply felt helpless. This feeling of helplessness arose from the fact that nobody could firmly say what happens after one passes away. The abstract idea of death wasn’t something that had really occupied my mind before. But after lamenting the death of someone close, I was undoubtedly inquisitive and oddly interested in this inevitable phenomenon. The unproved but widely believed ideals of reincarnation, existence of non-physical souls and the cycle of karma, are just mind-blowing. The roots of these abstract concepts date back to the ancient Hindu scriptures and are found in various other religious writings as well. Dr. Weiss and Catherine’s experiences, though have received scrutiny for being unscientific by the critics, have actually managed to garner wide recognition and also opened doors to new possible past-life sources that may have led to current psychological ailments. ‘Many Lives, Many Masters’ has indeed made me open-minded to the possibility of existence of non-physical realms as well as evolved souls which contribute in this whole process of spiritual realization through the ideals of karma.

Death. What is death? I might still not be able to answer the question. But I feel at peace when I think of the ever-evolving non-physical souls, always in search of spiritual satisfaction and serenity.

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