writer’s block

After going through a long (totally uncalled for) writer’s block, I’m back again with another monologue. I don’t even know what to write anymore. With the sudden changes in the whole world, do we even know what to feel anymore?

I had come back home for my father’s birthday but I simply had no idea my short 5 day break would turn into a long 5 month vacation. As thrilling as it sounded in the beginning, turns out, being in a quarantine is not as peaceful as I imagined it to be. So, I wish to list down all of the things I realized during a global health crisis:

  1. As much as I like Marx, the obvious class divide that has been highlighted in my country during the pandemic, has opened my eyes and pushed me to be extremely grateful.
  2. Being in denial is not my cup of tea. Drowning myself in internships and assignments, I have neglected how my mental health has been affected. Constantly reading about the current scenario and especially how uncertain our future is, frightens me. My productivity level has gone down, I feel bored and tired all the time, and I have to consciously make efforts to remain healthily engaged in something which affects me positively. Listening to my favorite music and watching old Bollywood movies (surprisingly) has had a great effect on my mind.
  3. Cleaning the house is very tiring but oddly satisfying.
  4. I am so thankful to live in a spread out colony of bungalows where I can step out of my house for a while and go for walks.
  5. Meditating calms me but makes me extremely sleepy.
  6. Re-reading Harry Potter is a great way to escape into another (literally) magical world, away from the almost dystopia we live in currently.
  7. The 1975 is one of the most brutally honest bands of all time and that’s exactly what makes them so beautiful. Listening to them is a great escape from and into the reality (as weird as it sounds).
  8. The sky has become clearer and the stars appear brighter than usual. The night sky looks so much better these days.

With these realizations in mind, I hope to indulge in productive things which make me happier and more peaceful, even during this period of uncertain time that all of us are going through.

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