Guilt is a strong emotion. And when it is backed by the conscience, you end up with a horrific feeling. The intensity of it just can’t be described. The feeling of nausea, the bile rising up your throat, the skin coated with goosebumps and chills running down your spine. It is terrifying.

You feel like puking and crying simultaneously. And of course a massive amount of regret is waiting right around the corner to come and give the final touches to the chaotic state of mind. You feel just helpless and start overthinking about the ways you could’ve maybe prevented it. But now that it has already happened nothing can be done.

You are left with a terribly guilty conscience. And that is one of the worst feelings ever. You just cannot stop thinking about it. However, it manages to teach you so much. Teach you to always think properly before acting so that your actions don’t turn into massive pools of regret and anxiousness. And obviously make you swear not to commit the same mistake again.

Now, all that is left is to wait. Wait for things to be right again. Wait for maybe destiny to come save you from your dread. Wait for this awful phase to be over.

And wait for that moment in the future, where you look back at these mistakes, feel a pinch of guilt but also think about how you’ve managed to pass through this phase; and maybe, just perhaps, have a good laugh remembering it?

Published by Mehar

I like the smell of antique books, the rain, home cooked food, warm coffee, hot chocolate, old people, out-of-the-oven cookies, cozy hotels, new cities, the mountains, the forest (especially at night) and unforgettably, fresh pizza.

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