There were moments in my life which were truly remarkable and I always wanted to make sure I remember them forever. So I often found myself writing some of them down or thinking about them from time to time.

I soon started wondering about starting a blog, and confidently putting my vulnerability out there for everyone to see, although the mere thought of it seemed daunting. However, recently, a close friend managed to make me just go for it and here I am.

I am doing this for myself. I believe it actually calms me down. I hope people can relate to or simply enjoy reading some excerpts from my life.

With hopes of consistently describing random anecdotes of my life, Welcome to the Blog.

Published by Mehar

I like the smell of antique books, the rain, home cooked food, warm coffee, hot chocolate, old people, out-of-the-oven cookies, cozy hotels, new cities, the mountains, the forest (especially at night) and unforgettably, fresh pizza.

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