There were moments in my life which were truly remarkable and I always wanted to make sure I remember them forever. So I often found myself writing some of them down or thinking about them from time to time. I soon started wondering about starting a blog, and confidently putting my vulnerability out there for [...]


Guilt is a strong emotion. And when it is backed by the conscience, you end up with a horrific feeling. The intensity of it just can't be described. The feeling of nausea, the bile rising up your throat, the skin coated with goosebumps and chills running down your spine. It is terrifying. You feel like [...]


They leave you with an inexplicable feeling. It is quite difficult to put in words actually. But they always leave a profound impact, don't they? The first and the foremost feeling you'd associate with goodbyes is sadness. But is it only sadness? I believe it leaves an entirely different, more complex feeling than just sadness. [...]

out of place

Today was quite a day. Everything has been so new lately. And I have been adjusting gradually to almost all the different things around me. Exploring new avenues, going for fancy (to be honest over-hyped) interviews, and experiencing new things, has been good, to say the least. Although, the best thing that has happened is, [...]


Death. What is death? Or more interestingly, what happens after it? Is there an afterlife? One of the ultimate unsolved mysteries of the world, death has always seemed intriguing. 'Many Lives, Many Masters' by Dr. Brian Weiss has undoubtedly changed my perception towards the cycle of life. Dr. Weiss was an American psychiatrist with a [...]


Tonight was as perfect as it could ever be. Stargazing had become an almost new found obsession for me and when I thought about what I wanted for my birthday, it is exactly what came into my mind. And so, my father planned out everything, contacted a local guide who knew the perfect spot, and [...]

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